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Tips on educating children

Being a parent is a challenging task – big and small. Would not it be great if we had a source providing some expertise in this area? Especially in the biggest challenges? Would not it be great if we had access to the best advice available?

Consider the following scenario

You are mad with joy. Your little baby – your boy – is now at home, and he is in good health. It seems to grow visibly over the months. He has energy to spare, always has a smile – a communicative smile – and his dimples are cute like anything.

And hop ! Here he is who learns to walk, and who begins to speak! You and your husband sometimes have trouble keeping up. But where does all this energy come from?

As time passes, you register it for various activities. He is now going to school, and it looks like you are spending time taking him here and there for his sports and other activities. You help him with his homework, and you make sure that his two younger sisters have everything they need. You are so proud of them. And then it’s time for friends and girlfriends in high school and church.

And the problems begin

Then you get a phone call from the director, who tells you that your son has cheated on an exam. Silly and disappointed, you try to have a long conversation with your son when he’s back. He becomes distant and sullen and refuses to talk about it, and you feel that he would rather be somewhere else than with you.

Two months later, you are amazed to learn that your son was caught smoking marijuana between two classes. Why is he doing such a thing? You told him, however, never to succumb to drugs.

You taught him to honor his parents, yet you often lack respect. What makes him believe that he can behave this way? Does he not remember those who cared for him and who supported him by growing up?

You try to help her and “to be her friend”, but that does not seem to give much results. Over time, some things improve, and some things do not. You see that your nice boy is becoming more and more selfish. Everything he does seems to focus on what he can get out of others, or value it. And if that’s not fun, it does not interest him.

Where does this attitude come from?

What happened ? Is this what every parent should expect? You have come within reach whenever you could, and all that escapes you. Is it the same for all parents? Should it be so? How can you stop him from being so selfish? He was not so old, was he?

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