Baby sitting advice

  • Add a clear and precise description to your profile. Say something about your skills. Be as specific as possible.
  • Make a selection from the responses and arrange a phone appointment. Did you have a good impression on the phone? Go see the family or let them come to see you. We do not filter the families, so you are responsible for the interviews and the selection made.
  • Always take someone you know with you to the first appointment. You are never sure who you are dealing with.
  • If the child you are going to babysit is still small (eg, under 5 years old) and the parents want you to pick him up at school, ask them to introduce you to his teacher and other parents first. from school.
  • Parents can apply for your ID card at admission. Never send it by e-mail, and show them only at the first appointment.

The best job (part time)

It may be the friendliest part-time job: first you have to play with children, and if they are already in bed you just have to relax on the couch and watch TV. While during this time, your friends are working hard at the supermarket or doing the dishes at a restaurant. Here it is only pleasure! In addition, with Babysits you can choose your working hours at your convenience.

Do you want to “babysit” your job and become a professional? Take maternal assistant training and register with professional organizations. In this way, you become even more reliable and parents can benefit from grant.

Admission form

Use this form before you go to your first childcare to be prepared in advance.

prepare yourselves

  1. Agenda . Check your calendar to make sure you are available on the requested dates. Make sure the length of babysitting time and what time you are expected. If you are not available, suggest another date. You can not be a babysitter when you have to be in school, at work or with your own child.
  2. Special instructions for babies . In the case of babysitting, make sure the parents give you all the necessary instructions for the care of their baby. For example, you need to know where the care materials are, such as diapers, teats, baby bottles, etc.
  3. Do you agree on the use of things in the house? For example, using the TV, what to eat and where, or just using the phone. Parents may try to call you on the house phone while you are using the phone.
  4. The rules of the house Do you have to answer the phone? Is the answering machine activated? Maybe parents can ask you to answer only when their numbers are displayed.
  5. Ask – you in advance about what the children like? Depending on their age, they may have special interests.
  6. Your age is important . You must be 13 or older as being a babysitter requires a lot of responsibility.

During childcare

With a young child, a neighborhood child or a neighbor, you have to know how to adapt, which requires some experience, patience and understanding. For example, what if a child messes the entire dining table or a baby has a stomach ache?

Step by step

  1. Write the following information : phone number, address, home phone number, child’s name (s), allergies per child, “emergency” phone. Always ask where the first aid kit is.
  2. Never open the door to strangers . If someone rings, only open if the person is expected. Check through the peephole before opening the door. If in doubt, you can always call the parents or just do not open.
  3. Have an idea of ​​what you will do during childcare . Do a creative activity with the child, play their favorite game, do fun things safely. You must also take care of the child, especially when he is very young. It is always good to be positive and optimistic.
  4. Always keep children in your field of vision and in the same room to make sure they are safe and sound . It is important to always keep the child safe, especially when they are very small. All children should stay away from the road as much as possible at all times.
  5. Take the children to bed at the time specified by the parents . Do not let children fall asleep too early or go to bed too late. When they fall asleep too early, they may wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. If one of the children screams or cries, give him his favorite toy / pacifier. When it comes to older children who do not want to go to bed, forbid him to play and explain why he has to go to bed. If a child is crying, it is sometimes because of fatigue. With a little patience and attention, the child falls asleep. Throughout the evening, check regularly if all is well with the child.
  6. Play with the kids ! Kids love when you play with them! Do not be afraid to go out and get your hands dirty. It can be fun for everyone to have fun outside. The children will have a friendly, caring and reliable image of the babysitter. Keep in mind that children always tell us how much they appreciate the (a) babysitter. So, do not be afraid to be yourself and play.
  7. Store before parents come home . Consider cleaning toys and dishes. It must be as clean as when you arrived. So make sure that parents are happy to go home.

First contact with the family

At first contact, we recommend that you make a pre-acquaintance with the family and the child (ren). We recommend babysitters to make the first encounter in a public place and take someone you know with you to make you feel safer.

It is also important to see each other beforehand before the first babysitting so that you feel comfortable and confident. Parents may ask you for the first time that you come to look after the child while they are in their home. This allows parents to be more confident, and allows you to ask practical questions. Do you keep the children at home? Make sure parents have seen the premises at least once before childcare.

If the appointment is positive, clearly state the next childcare date, complete the contact form and keep it carefully.

Babysits has a private message system to allow different users to communicate with each other. It is essential to communicate only via Babysits. Only then will you experience a positive and secure experience. It is practically impossible for us to help you if the communication is done outside the platform because we will have no proof.

Childcare accompanied

Sometimes it can be more fun to babysit with a friend. Especially when children keep sleeping, you are less alone. With two, sometimes you will find more easily ideas of games or solutions. Always ask permission from parents first.

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